Dirty Spider Monkey

Posted Mar 10, 2009, 5:57:03 PM

Some more old art, submitted for a contest in the Lolth-Scourge club on DA. :B

I wrote a teeny little snippet of a story to go with it ... it's up on DA, does anyone care to read it here? O:

Sooo, Dae and Antha! Back when they were children. Antha was raised by southern elves ya see, so she really had no idea she was a dark elf ((and still doesn't see herself as one)). The rest of the world however ... does. And little Dae was no exception! So he made sure to let her know. Silly Az, didn't even think of her own character for this contest. BUT I DID. I thought of Antha. u_u <3

Line'd in Flash and coloured in openCanvas.

Dae © moi
Antha © Erin Glidden

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  • Mar 10, 2009
    Wonderful work! I love the tropical feel of it. Is it just me, or is there a slight "white supremacist" aura to this? xDD Ah, just kidding man. Excellent piece! Sharp lines, immaculate shading and attention to detail. *applauds*
    • Mar 11, 2009
      Haha, thanks. <3

      White supremacist? XD I don't think so, since she was raised with southern elves, who are also black and treated totally equally. It's the stigma of being a drow that's getting her a teasing here. c:
      • Mar 11, 2009
        xDDD Ah, I was picking with you my friend. But that sounds like an interesting story... I may go read that story you suggested. Nice job!