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Conspiracy Theory

Posted Mar 18, 2009, 7:34:47 PM

Submitting some more oldish stuff to fill out this gallery. o:

Anyways, it's Morion and Risa, the two big baddies of the original Oira Isilme, rendezvous'ing at some shifty tavern. Morion, if you weren't aware, is accomplished at crafting poisons of all kinds and is quite fond of using them wherever and whenever he can. I can only assume he's sending Risa off on a scheme to snatch up Isilme and is kindly equipping her with one of his concoctions.

And no, Risa's not really far in the background. She's a little elf, remember? O: The elven halflings. So she's probably standing up on something.

Morion, Risa and OI are © me

Scratch to finito in Flash 8 ((which is for some reason unlisted in PD's selection list))

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  • Mar 19, 2009
    The drow is hot... but they have to be genetically sexy, don't they? Big Smile
    • Mar 28, 2009
      Haha, yeah I'm pretty sure it's a requirement for drow to be sexy. XD