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The Old and The New

Posted Mar 28, 2009, 2:48:27 AM

They stood in a silent staring contest. Glowing scarlet eyes deeper then the pits of hell challenging lush, childish honey brown, so filled with innocence yet holding a deep wisdom beyond the child’s years. The little girl’s head tilted faintly, a small frown etching her soft pink lips and the vampire cocked a sleek black brow at the quizzical gleam that drifted across her face. Slowly, her tiny hand reached up, beckoning to the opposing, dark form.

Humoring the small creature, the ancient vampire lowered to one knee with a wisp of fabric, the only sound around them the light shuffle and creak of aged leather soles on the hard wood floor. Bending his head forwards, his hair shifted to the side with an unfelt breeze, silk tresses tickling the small, warm hand that hovered over his smooth, cold flesh.

A smile was his reward and soon, the girl cradled the hollow of his cheek in her little palm, so delicate and fragile. She studied the fiery glaze and took his head in both hands; now leaning forwards enough to scan over every line on his pale flesh, the arch of his brow and sharp point of his nose. To the curve of his jaw and the thin lips the pursed in a tiny grin, her eyes dart across his face.

The dark man let her, not once moving, not even when she brushed her thumb across his brow, the caress like a feather.

She locked eyes with him again, but this time kindly and without any challenge.

“You’re old, aren’t you, Mister Alucard?” she ask, seemingly already knowing the answer, and her tone almost sad.

There was brief shock before a wide grin tipped the corner of his mouth as his eyes softened, deadly ivory fangs flashing harmlessly at the young girl. Chuckling at the amusingly innocent being, his ungloved hand took her smaller digits from his cheek, smirking lips brushing the back of the soft, unmarked flesh.

“Indeed! What a charming child you are, Marlene Wallace!”

I worked my ass off on this.

I must say, I am quite proud of both of these! This is a...spoiler of sorts of something that will be popping up hopefully in the near future!

*zipps lips*

Marlene Wallace - Final Fantasy VII/SquareEnix
Alucard - Hellsing/Kouta Hirano


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