Posted Mar 29, 2009, 2:08:02 AM UTC
This is a character that I created for the last RP Russu and I did before the shit hit the fan. It didn't get very far so I never got to use him as much as I would have liked.

He's human, at least as far as we got in the RP--I think I was gonna end up making him a mage of some sort... whatever. He was a slave though--and his previous master gave him that scar on his face. And his first master put those tattoos on his face--both of which should never be done.

Maybe I'll put him up on The Flesh Trade. *shrugs* Who knows. I'd like to RP him again some time too.

Anyway, this is probably all you'll ever get of him. I didn't ever feel like going into more detail than that to begin with and I probably never will.

Silas © ME!

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