One Cold Kraut

Posted Apr 1, 2009, 3:49:43 PM

OOOOOOOO! Lookie! I did a rough comic type sketchy thing!
A possible storyboard layout for a scene from a huge project I have in the works. The characters are my cop Wolfgang, his twin brother Heinrich and a nomadic elf girl named Teshieku who Wolf obviously doesn't like very much. They're out camping in the desert while covertly following two other characters: Mieri and Star, and have to 'spoon' together for warmth in the frigid, desert night. I wouldn't mind changing places with Teshieku at all... *drools*

Story starts on the bottom left corner and ends with the 'cold kraut' comment. Oh and the brothers are of German heritage just so you know. :P

Wolfgang: "Great, I'm spooning with a weirdo." *mutter* *grumble*
Teshieku: "Is there someone else he'd rather be cuddled up against?"
Heinrich: "You could say that."
Wolfgang: "One more word and you're gonna be one cold Kraut."

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