Gumshoe & Maggie

Posted Apr 9, 2009, 12:54:34 AM

Just a little gift art for a friend who complained there wasn't any Gumshoe/Maggie-ness out in the Phoenix Wright world o' fan goodness. I am not an anime artist and I don't claim to have their likenesses exact but she was happy about it and that's what matters.

Maggie and Gumshoe © whoever owns Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

image © me

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  • Apr 14, 2009
    There can never be enough Maggey x Gumshoe out there ^^ They're such a tragic but lovable couple ^^ Thank you for drawing some more ^^ They look lovely ^^
    • Apr 17, 2009
      You're welcome! I wasn't sure if anyone else would care about them or recognize them other than my friend.
      • Apr 23, 2009
        Oh- I'm sure any hot blooded PW fan recognizes these two off the bat ^^ They're a sweet and canon couple. The yaoi ones get the most attention sadly though >.>
        • May 12, 2009
          Well thank you for the vote of confidence. I'm glad you liked it. Smile