Elvish Portrait

Posted Sep 6, 2005, 8:08:06 PM
A picture of an elf that my sister Linda posed for. It's an old picture, I did it last year, but I still think it's pretty good for a 5 minute sketch with 3 different pencilcrayons.

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  • Sep 6, 2005
    This is beautiful, Sairsha! I love the fluidity of the lines, the lightness of the pencil strokes. All in all, just a wonderfully unique picture.
    • Sep 7, 2005
      Thank you, Minimaid! Grin What wonderful comments! And thank you so much for the fav.. that made my day.! Very Happy
  • Jan 23, 2006
    This is beautiful!!! ^ ^ *Loves & Hugs and Runs Away* Yay! But caspita...where be her pointy elvin ears?
    • Jan 28, 2006
      It's actually a touchy subject for her... she was vacationing last summer and got a little sloshed, fell asleep under an old oak tree, and when she woke up, she discovered that squirrels had stolen her ears to use as kitchen sinks, and replaced them with acorns. Pesky little vermin, those squirrels....
      • Mar 3, 2006
        Hangover AND acorn ears. Harsh.
        • Mar 12, 2006
          Yes.... nasty rotten vile creatures squirrels are. Entirely unsympathetic to the fragile egos of teenaged... elves. Ahem.