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The Revenged I

Posted Apr 27, 2009, 8:41:55 PM

 Thanks to MiniMaid who pointed out the scanner edge in the older upload of this.  Whoopsie D8>

Cropped a bit, colourized, and added a stone background to cancel out a scanner shadow on the one side I noticed while refiddling.

EDIT: Fanart from "The Hazards of Love" by the Decemberists, which I believe counts as a musical, correct me if I'm totally off-base on this.

Mmmmm, sexy musicals about sex and love and dying in each others' arms to outwit yo momma.

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  • Apr 30, 2009
    Neat concept! I'm lovin' the costume too. Where did you get the idea?
    • Apr 30, 2009
      The Decemberists- "The Hazards of Love." It is an awesome rock opera of epic proportions and sort of like a messed up Grimm Fairytale.

      One of the characters murdered his kids in various fashions so he could go fuck around once his wife died. They show up later to drag him down to hell. 8D IT IS AWESOME.
      • May 2, 2009
        interesting.. I will have to look it up sometime. ;)