Posted Apr 30, 2009, 9:47:35 AM

School assignment, about 4-6 months old?

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  • Dec 4, 2009
    Again, Beautiful. She's really gorgeous. Once more there's only a couple of things I can even see that's partially wrong with the picture and that's 1. Her lips look a little awkward, could be fixed simply by having them look parted in a half smile and two, her left shoulder (right side of pic) is a little odd looking but overall an amazing picture. Every artist makes a mistake or two. I make a dozen myself x3
    Ps. I sincerely hope you don't mind the critiques, if so, let me know and I'll leave them out.
  • May 2, 2009
    man you're going to think I'm stalking you...Sorry i'm like that, once something catches my interest..i'm throughout.

    This is truly great. My fav so far. Is she yours? Or you had some sort of model for her? I think she's awesome and I absoluetly love the story in that drawing. Great work on the eyes...
    What's going to happen to that poor bastard in the glass sphere?
    • May 2, 2009
      That poor bastard in the glass sphere is me! xD

      The two characters are supposed to present the two sides of me, what I want to be, how I want to see myself and what I feel like and how I fear others see me.

      The she-devil is however based on one of my characters called Akifa. L'Oréal-Saionji is her father. She has my scars in the pic though.
      • May 6, 2009
        Interesting concept you have amateur psychology book eater like me is quite interested. Two yous...Is she from a book or a comic book?
        • May 17, 2009
          No, she's just a random being, but I borrowed some of her appearance from my character called Akifa from a story I'm working on.
        • Aug 2, 2009
          She's from the Norndgard world I've created, I've written a few stories and drawn a lot of pics but she has only appeared in the pictures by so far
    • May 2, 2009
      I forgot to thank you for taking time to comment my stuff! It was most delightful to get comments. I suppose I got slightly carried away explaining things about my characters, I get to do that very rarely.

      Seriously I only have imaginary friends and none of them ever listen to me. Wink
      • May 4, 2009
        Yes It is nice to get comments every once in a while! Smile And reall it's my pleasure to have reviewed your arts...I really like it!

        Ah! I know how you feel! I absoluetly love getting to talk about my caracters too...It's like talking about our kids. I don't know about you, but i'm proud of my kids and I like to brag about them when I can...when I can being the key words! Wink

        Maybe you should have a serious conversation with your imaginary friends, they ought to listen to you! No more fake tea for them I'd say! Wink
        • May 4, 2009
          Huzzah, a marvelous idea! No more tea and biscuits for those traitors!

          I also feel as if I'm talking about my children rather than fictional characters. My friend might be telling me about something she did with her boyfriend the other day and I'm dying to talk about what Saionji and Iggy's one on one time was like when Eiji was taking care of some business. They're my babies.

          Laughing Gosh I love this smiley!




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