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Me and My Shadow

Posted May 1, 2009, 1:27:33 AM

Hey there Paper demon....I'm new. :3


I drew this a while ago. One of my original chracters....Enjoy!

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  • Apr 30, 2009
    Aw, neato! Very strong lines, and I love the style. Good job!
    • May 1, 2009
      Thanks! Cookies for my first comment on here ever!
      • May 2, 2009
        Aww, really? When I started, comments flew left and right. Sorry you don't get em more often. People are lazy.
        • May 3, 2009
          This is my first entry. :3
          • May 4, 2009
            Well you certainly have a powerful and unique style and talent about you. Keep it up, and I hope to see more of your work around! ^_^
  • May 18, 2009
    i like the shading along wit the fact that wit alot of people they go for more detail and less theme. i love the way you did this.