Sibling Bonding

Posted Sep 7, 2005, 5:01:54 PM
Mosquiton and Malariya are having a brother/sister heart to heart talk.

Mosquiton, Inaho, Hono, and Yuki are the (c) properties of Akahori Satoru.

Malaria, Mahno, and Tearesa are mine.

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  • Mar 21, 2008
    hi! ive met you on fac and devieant art and now here too ^^ guess you have the same habit as me of joining evry art site
    Image attached
    • Mar 21, 2008
      By golly I think you're right :laugh: Anyway it's good to hear from youSmile
      • Mar 24, 2008
        • Mar 25, 2008
          Of course I do have some bad news. I'm quitting FAC.
          • Mar 28, 2008
            aww, bummer, why? to much of a kid site ?
            • Mar 28, 2008
              No, everybody hates me.
              • Mar 28, 2008
                would i be steping out of bounds to ask why?
                • Mar 29, 2008
                  Because I was asking a question in the Random section of the forums.
                  • Mar 31, 2008
                    oh, i wouldnt know, fourms wont work for me on there
                    • Mar 31, 2008
                      Well it started when I asked if Arranged Marriages and Seppukus are legal in Japan.




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