SugMuus -Tactics

Posted May 30, 2009, 2:22:39 AM

OK, These call for an explanation. A group I'm in started discussing Sugino & Muu's marriage and the question came up- what would their children look like? So, a couple of people asked me to do quick sketches of some possiblilities- so here are some (very quick, very rough).

Have mercy please! I've never done chibi style, much less combinations of tall, big-eyed, handsome tengu with small round green youkai.....

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  • May 30, 2009
    Well, I'd say for a first attempt at chibi-style, you did great! It's a tough style to do, actually, when you aren't used to it. I think you've pulled it off nicely.
    • Jun 7, 2009
      Thanks! It's sort of opposite to what I normally do= I like long & lean!
      • Jun 7, 2009
        Laughing Yes, but you pulled it off. SO kudos!