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Zechs and Noin ACEO

Posted Jul 5, 2009, 12:36:02 AM

Done for someone on DA.

Character's not mine. I don't..think this is counted as mature? D8 >_< Smack me if so, but you really can't see much. And honestly, it is CUDDLES.

This art also could look a whole hell of a lot better. Damnit. >_>; MUST REDO.

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  • Jul 17, 2009
    If its just cuddles then its alowed on the PD side as long as it doesn't show pink pits Smile It's a misconception brought from DA to here. DA mature content nipples. Here, if it's the groin, then it's Red curtain. This is fine on this side of the fence :)
    • Jul 19, 2009
      Ahaaaa~ I see. Thank you, I appreciate it. Big Smile
      So chest area is fine on both men and women as long as it is not really...erotic, I imagine. That makes me happy.