Twin Guns

Posted Jul 8, 2009, 6:43:39 AM

This is a sort of old ish drawing, I did it back before-ish my last two drawing, but I still had yet to finish it. This is really just something to look at while I work on finishing my new ones.

Something a sort of friendish person asked me to draw for him, and I finally got around to drawing the faces and his right hand and gun the other day. His arm is so screwed up, but i don't care anymore. and as you can also see, I didn't put much effort into the background.

Girl and guy, warrior-ish, with guns, just as he asked for. DONE!

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  • Jul 16, 2009
    Owch- I see the arrow between both of thier arms. I suppose that's a symbolism of how war bind them together?

    If it's any help- his arm is a little tense looking cause it's turned as far as the arm can go with and arrow through it. If the hand was in front of her arm and sideways, it'd be relaxed, but then that'd screw around with the arrow's angle which is bad Sad

    I love her pose though. very saucy Wink
    • Jul 16, 2009
      Yes, sort of...though I also just wanted to stick an arrow through their arms^-^

      Yes, I know his arms are just terrible...and really I drew him to fit her pose...soooo he simply had to obey me^-^ but this one isnt my best, kinda of old and worked on at different times. I liked the drawing, then after a while it started pissing me off.

      Yes, despite everything, I was very happy with how she came out^-^ It twas my first attempt at that pose.
      • Jul 17, 2009
        I don't think it's terrible. It's strained, but it's not terrible. I think the arrow's symbolism cancels it out. I thought I'd tell you though incase you didn't know what was wrong- that's all Smile
        • Jul 17, 2009
          yes, thanks for the comment though, I appreciate the thoughts!! ^-^