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Posted Jul 10, 2009, 5:39:18 AM
Completion Date: 07-02-09
Time Taken: 2 hours
+ Sketched in Opencanvas 1.1
+ Colored and watermark added in Photoshop CS2
+ My Only Love (S.A.F. Remix) - Jenifer Chihi
+ My Little Flower - Yoko Kanno
+ Virtual Diva - Don Omar
+ Magalenha - Sergio Mendes

Meet Dahoti! 8D Cutie pie isn't he~?

Dahoti is a Rhodesian Lion (Razorback Lion) which is a species of lion I made based on the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog from Southern Africa. Like the name suggests, the fur running down the back to the base of the tail grows in the opposite direction of the rest of the fur, creating a rigid crest of hair. In adolescence both male and female cubs have a prominent crest which is usually a darker color than the rest of the coat. When a male starts to grow a mane, the mane actually spikes up in a sort of forward direction much like the crest; females retain their crest and it usually lengthens to resemble a mohawk of sorts. They are a heavily muscled and stocky built lions, slightly larger than a regular African Lion, with a great deal more strength. They range in color from charcoal grays to deep bays, the most common colors are usually brown (chocolate), chesnut, and cinnamon.

Originally, Dahoti was made for the Trading Tree on TLKFAA to be adopted out to a new owner. But I ended up falling in love with his design and decided to keep him. But fear not! There are five other cubs that are looking for a home which I will post in a minute~ <33333

Name: Dahoti
Species: Rhodesian Lion
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Status: Patriach (Dominant Male)
Affiliation: Malawi Pride
Occupation: Head of the Pride
Weaponary: --
Origin: Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

Hair: A large forward spiked crest runs from the base of his tail to his forehead which spreads into a large spikey mane.
Eyes: Gold
Complexion: Chesnut
Height: Head - 4'8", Withers - 3'6"
Weight: 420 lbs.
Physique: Muscular
Distinguishing Marks: Two dark tear shaped spots on the brow area. He has a dark reddish brown stripe on the forehead that continues into the crest of fur down his back. Under his eyes are thin areas of light peachy colored fur giving his eyes a bright appearance.
Piercings: --
Clothing: --

Likes: Sunbathing, wrestling, climbing trees
Dislikes: Mud, lonliness, flies in his ears
Dahoti is a laid back guy despite being the head of the pride with duties to attend to. He is extremely cautious, this being due to the death of his father while hunting. Safety for his pride and himself are of the utmost importance, he doesn't want another accident like that to happen. He is reluctant at times due to a minor lack of self confidence, but with some reassurance that he's doing right, he can be bold. His largest worry is for his mate Kurta who is carrying their first litter of cubs.

Life for Dahoti was rough to start as a cub. He was the only surviving child of a litter of three, and lost his mother to illness and father to a hunting accident. The remaining lionesses of the pride kept the group alive, continuing on without a leader, until Dahoti's aunt, Nandi, stepped up to be the leader. Under the care of Nandi and the other lionesses, Dahoti grew into a massive and gentle young lion. When the rains came the year he was of age, Nandi gave him the role of pride leader as his father had once been. Dahoti was reluctant to take the role, afraid he would fail, but with reassurance he proved himself to be a competant leader. One hot day on the plains while hunting, Dahoti happened upon a herd of zebra at the watering hole.

Hunkering down into the dry grass, he stalked them, unknowingly being watched by a lioness. The lioness watched him with great interest, finding him to be the most spectacular creature she'd ever seen. Unfortunately, that grand show of muscle could not bring down a zebra that day, ending up with a mouth full of mud. Laugther sprang out of the grass, the lioness came over to him, introducing herself,"My name's Kurta, and you?" Having formally introduced himself she offered to help him hunt. And hunt they did, finally catching a young gazelle near dusk. It was over this small meal they discussed many things and became fast friends. Traveling the plains together day in and day out, friendship became love, and as they made their territory others began to join them, including the rest of Dahoti's pride. Now settled in there pride, Dahoti nervously awaits the birth of he and Kurta's first litter.

"Interlude" by Yuki Kajiura from .hack//sign
"Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven
"could you bite the hand?" by Steve Conte (Yoko Kanno) from Wolf's Rain

Artwork, Dahooti, Rhodesian Lion species © 2009 P. Lolla (*souls-poison)

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