Vincent Valentine

Posted Jul 12, 2009, 12:30:01 PM

meh, a portrait of Vincent from final fantasy 7. took me forever. Done in artrage.

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  • Jul 18, 2009
    i have to agree with above, because it was a character i am very used to seeing (and am getting quite bored of no offence!) i wouldn't have clicked on it, but other than that i think it's a beautiful piece. The outlines seem a little scruffy if i'm honest but other than that, it's ver well done!
    • Jul 19, 2009
      Again, I was just trying to do a painting, I was not trying for photorealism.
      • Jul 19, 2009
        i never said you needed to be photorealistic, my art isnt photorealistic and i manage to keep crisp lines
  • Jul 14, 2009
    Ah- I find yet another person hooked on art rage ^^ Myfriend is trying to get me into that program- sadly, I prefer traditional mediums. Apparently the paid version is ALOT easier to use though Smile

    I think the picture looks nice, If you're looking for critique though, I feel that if you're going to use a popular character to practice with, that you do something to make it different, cause otherwise people wont see alot of point in clicking your thumbnail. I normally try for an unusual pose, or one that's not drawn alot. That way, people go 'this is new' and investigate Smile
    • Jul 16, 2009
      Im doing these more as a way to practice painting skills on artrage, since it mimics so well traditional mediums. I know this isnt my best work, but it was a gift for a friend that was very ill a couple weeks ago, he cosplays as vincent on IMVU.