Diva Dance

Posted Jul 25, 2009, 1:55:01 AM

This picture requires a little explanation, I think.

First of all, his singing is gorgeous, not bad; that's not why they're suffering. His name is Oleander, and he is a Vampire, a member of the Daughters of Cacophony bloodline. It's a somewhat rare bloodline in the original World of Darkness, and their distinct powers, called Melpominee, all derive from their voices.

Although I'm not very fond of White Wolf anymore, back in the day I used to be quite a Vampire: The Masquerade player. I still have good thoughts about the original World of Darkness, and I still have all my books (including Demon: The Fallen)!

The name, 'Diva Dance', is shared with the most magical scene of the film The Fifth Element, because that is what he's singing. Oleander has been training his voice from an early age, and he has been dedicated to doing it for several lifetimes. He's actually a pretty scary person if threatened, and he can be quite a formidable opponent.

The idea came from his introduction to the Justicar (who was acting as chief authority), whom he enraptured in his singing of 'Amore di Pazzia' ('Mad for Love', appropriately, as Daughters of Cacophony can literally drive people mad with their song) from Lucia di Lammermoor. Another selection from the opera, 'Il Dolce Suono', directly preceded 'Diva Dance' in the film. So when I thought about it, I thought it would be great fun to do a piece where Oleander was performing 'Diva Dance' in as impacting a way as the Diva did in the film.

Apparently some upstart licks and their ghouls just thought he was a dandy singer who would be an easy mark.

But it really sucks when you become literally entranced to the very thing destroying you...Vampires really do cry bloody tears.


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