'Open Flirtation'

Posted Jul 29, 2009, 8:13:33 PM

 'I'm a sprite...and you're a sprite. You know what that means, don't you?'


Who remembers these people? XD

I've been on a recent Reboot kick and I need to get these buggers out of my system so I can get back to my usual furry artwork - but they just refuse to leave me alone, so you should be expecting more of these characters in the near future until they lay off my psyche. ;)

For those not in the know of this CGI cartoon, this is Bob (Glitched version) and Hexidecimal (after her viral origins were cleansed by the user; turning her into a Sprite).

These two played so well off of each other; it was a shame that Bob did not return Hex's interest, instead choosing to stay faithful to Dot, who turned incredibly superficial and self serving by the fourth season (God, I loathe that character now).

In any case, these characters are a copywright of mainframe/rainmaker Entertainment.

Artwork @ J. Doucet - 2009.


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  • Aug 1, 2009
    I kinda wished Bob would run off with Hex after that >.> Hex actually cared about him the longest. Dot was always so teasing with no follow through >.> No heart for glitch bob even though he was the correct one. Seriously- that pissed me off big time.
    • Aug 4, 2009
      No kidding! I mean, love is supposed to be a definitive thing - and she couldn't tell the difference between the real deal and a copy of the original; basing her decision solely on appearances.

      'Glitch Bob reminds me of the bad times; Bob, he looks right, sounds right - he makes me feel happy'.


      Then to completely forget about poor Bob as he lay dying on an operating table in favor of preparing for her wedding to 'Bob'. Double barf. XP

      God, I hated her in fourth season (and just when I was getting used to her and Bob as a pair, too).
      • Aug 4, 2009
        See, I think Fourth season was ok- I LOVED Hex becoming a sprite, and I REALLY wish she'd work her leverage over Bob more. If only Dot were passionate about both Bobs and not so shallow, then that could've been some really decent scandal. The two Enzos thing was cute. I like how there was a pure hearted and a non pure hearted Enzo. One that had destiny and took it and one that couldn't. That's romantic. Just... Dot ruined it. And stupid Bob 2 being Megabreath T.T That was a LAME excuse for a final show down that was frankly weak to the battle in 3rd season that shot Bob into the web. That was f@#$ing EPIC. If Dot had her anal issues between BOTH Bobs, Hex got to toy with Dot's mind, and the two Bobs MERGED at the end cause the fragment was just that- a FRAGMENT of Bob, then that would've been much cooler. Megabyte could've hitched a ride ON Bob rather than merging with his data and being Bob or something better. This is a digital universe- anything could've happened. So many possibilities unexplored. Dot was definitely the breaker of season 4 though.