Posted Jul 30, 2009, 5:07:50 PM

Obviously, my fave character from Reboot has to be Guardian Bob (I think it's the hair. Yeah...the hair, let's go with that, heh). XD

It bugged the crap out of me how seemingly forgiving Bob was in that final season - I mean, he was dumped by the woman he loved soon after his 'original copy' returned to Mainframe; Dot admitting that his Glitched form reminded her of Mainframe's negative past and that she wanted to be with the original copy because 'he' made her happy.

I know Bob was always portrayed as a kind individual, and no doubt forgiving; but to have him simply accept Dot back into his life after she tossed him aside - based off his appearance, no less? I don't think so!

At the very least, the writers could show some believable struggle to re-capture what was lost before just having them automatically back as a couple. XP

So, I was inspired to illustrate a piece depicting Bob in silent contemplation - brooding over the events that took place. I think his leg came out a little too chucky, but - ah well.

Bob @ Mainframe/rainmaker Entertainment.

Artwork @ J. Doucet - 2009.

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  • Jul 31, 2009
    Bob! I had a big crush on him as a kid ^^ It's funny too, cuse it wasn't till I rewatched the WHOLE series that I was commissioned to draw him twice. It was so weird. I felt sorry for him at the end too. Dot was pretty selfish over the whole thing Sad It was a little lame how they fixed that though...




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