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Concept art - Jotunn girl

Posted Aug 2, 2009, 7:56:52 AM

Concept art for my Norngardinga world.

I have a couple there, Evanth and Manasse who are former rulers of Njelvana at northern Norngard. I had this idea that Manasse belongs to a different group of nornin. I've tought and tought about it and finally I found inspiration from the scandinavic mythology. I decided to make Manasse's people jotunns, who in the myths are enemies of the aesir (the gods). In my stories the aesir are the nornin who live in the southern mountains of Norngard. Maybe there was a conflict between these two groups and the jotunns traveled to north.


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  • May 2, 2010
    I love the line quality.
    The only thing constructive I'd have to offer is her head looks a bit large for her body and her legs seem to be too much of a mirror of each other. When having both limbs in the same position, it tends to stiffen up the pose. Perhaps in the future take note to have one leg more forward than the other.
    You always have lovely line quality though. Look forward to more works from you.