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Wobbles: Harry Potter Group

Posted Aug 3, 2009, 4:18:34 PM

Draco, Snape and Harry from the Harry Potter movies/books.

Availible for commission

Do not distribute to Photobucket, LJ, etc.

Please comment if you favorite, thank you .

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  • Aug 8, 2009
    Oh- cute ^^ Are they little keychain figurines? ^^
    • Aug 15, 2009
      No they're too delicate to be used as keychain figures. Though I do make charms.

      They can sit on your desk, computer, head, whatever and just stare into your soul C:
      • Aug 16, 2009
        Lol. You could make a little army of the things XD It'd be epic ^^
        • Aug 17, 2009
          Hheh someday I should line up all the ones I have, good guys vs bad XD I don't post them all here on PD but I do on DA if you're interested C:

          Thank you <3