Mellfa; Daughter of Anzai

Posted Aug 4, 2009, 3:56:43 AM


X__X Took me almost more than a week to finished, too much GREEN and BROWN DX and too much detail too ^.^;; but I finally finished it though XDD...I still need to practice more on my anthro ^^; but I guess its okay for a first try on a female bear.

I'll think of a bio later...but anyways to those who know XD. This is Mellfa, the daughter of the bear-demon Ayashi, Anzai.

And hopefully I put this in the right catagory ^.^;;




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  • Aug 3, 2009
    She came out amazing O_O
    There is soooo much detail; as always XDD the lines in teh trees and all the colors and all her fur, it looks awesome :clap: I really like all the blood and her pink hair =D it's soooo prettyful and malicious at the same time =D SO much detail int he leave and vines, just everything O_O You get better an better girlie, this looks amazing ^^ Great work.
    • Aug 3, 2009
      XDD LOL yeah my eye is very sore from staring at it now XDD so much detail and such X_X;;; But thank you very much though ^^ glad you like it and she has peachy hair not pink LOL XD but thats okay glad you like it...and wait till you see the other one >DDD Thanks again Big Smile