Forbidden Fruit

Posted Aug 8, 2009, 7:48:57 AM

Jasmine You (Bassist) in the Jrock band “Versailles: Philharmonic Quintet”

Tools: Ink and colored pencils.

I finally finished him. ^^ My wrist felt so much better once I slept with a brace on my right wrist. So, that was my remedy. Well, there you guys go, Jasmine, all finished. His details frustrated me to no end, but I suppose the time and patience was worth it. I’m happy with the overall look considering it is my first completed colored pencil piece.

I heard terrible news a few days ago that Jasmine has fallen ill and is in the hospital. Apparently it’s serious and the band canceled a concert and has postponed any recording work. T^T

My love goes out to you Jasmine and I hope you make a full recovery soon. 

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  • Aug 19, 2009
    I really, really like this. |D Very lovely piece. Just the texture on the hair and the roses. And I envy you for paying attention for all those little tiny details such as his rings and his nail decals. The colour on the apple is to die for, as well.

    It's a pity he's gone, but this is very beautiful artwork. May he rest in peace.