Rakai'Thwei vs Bob Dempsey

Posted Aug 18, 2009, 5:15:59 PM


Alternate Title: Bomb Punch..

I am both proud of this picture and somewhat expected more of it. I am proud of it for the way on how I colored Rakai'Thwei, with the shading and all...

But the lard ass criminal? ....I am disappointed with how I colored him. Honestly, I am. For some reason when I color with flesh tones, they never turn out right, why?

I think I'll name the criminal Bob Dempsey... I'll make a background for said character for those of you interested.

Anyway, Rakai'Thwei, my Predator warrior is punching out the brains of some fat ass criminal who can't seem to get any... yeah.

Rakai'Thwei is copyright to me
Bob Dempsey is copyright to me

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