Rakai'Thwei- Body Shot

Posted Aug 18, 2009, 5:19:55 PM

My original Predator character, and my personal favorite: Rakai'Thwei..

Well the original idea of this picture here was of Rakai to be punching the stomach of his brother, Buror-- but I had a rather very hard time with that, so I decided to post this up. For now, it's complete... unless I want to add something more to this later on which I doubt will happen anytime soon.

I got the pose from a referance, a screenshot of Rocky Balboa, punching Ivan Drago in the gut. But then I had noticed another Rocky piece similar but it was of the older version of Balboa as seen in Rocky Balboa. So for weeks, months really, I kept on refining this image over and over in my head and imagined my Yautja character, Rakai in this very pose... so I managed to get Rakai down.

My other Predator, Buror-- wasn't able to be in the picture due to preportion issues and pose problems too. I also attempted to draw Anthro characters, Furries, Naruto, getting body shots from Rakai (which I can tell you here and now are MONSTEROUS).

Predator is copyright to 20th Century Fox.

Rakai'Thwei is copyright to me.

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