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+Midnight Boogie.Custom Brooch

Posted Aug 28, 2009, 3:15:11 AM

So recently I've been working on posters for Midnight Boogie -mode of eve- and designed a brooch that the characters from La Noir Croix school wear to *censoring the spoilers* funeral. +^_^+ Well I've also been working on a Kuroshitsuji cosplay (I'S NOT TELLIN' YOU WHO'S I'S GONNA BE!) with a friend of mine and I thought it'd be cool to make something that we could both wear to say "Hey we be in the same group! Lookit how sexy we be!" so I just went ahead and made the Midnight Boogie Brooch since it was BA and would match what we were wearing XD

There'll only be two of the white ones in the world made by me, this one and the other because the person I'm cosplaying with well...I really like +^_^+ 

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