Beautiful Debt

Posted Aug 28, 2009, 3:31:43 PM

Illustration from the fic, "Beautiful Debt," by Talonsage & Sealmomesensei. It's an awesoem Bo7 fic they're writing for me. While the pic isn't adult in nature, the fic  is and can be found here:

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  • Sep 10, 2009
    Oh my word.... I am teary eyed. The sheer power of the piece is astounding! The scene so tender, so touching. The eyes! I am fangirling over the eyes! you got such love in their depths!

    I love the soft tender love of the pose!

    Bank looks so young with his stresses of leadership, of life eased away by the love and devotion of Jak.

    • Sep 11, 2009
      *blushes* Thank you, Nikki!

      I'm surprised you would say that, because in this scene in the story, they had just met. In fact, Jak had just bought Ban for someone else... *is eagerly awaiting the next chapter from Talon & Sensei*

      Thanks! XD

      This is way before the stress of the Shichinintai, but he was a lil stressed there. XD

      *tackle glomps you back* ;p