The Catalyst 4

Posted Sep 2, 2009, 1:13:16 AM
My 4th The Catalyst drawing. Sorry it took me so long to get around to putting it up since I finished it a bit ago. Ehehehe, my bad

This is supposed to be an idea of the garden depicted in chapter three, however I DID NOT DO IT JUSCTICE AT ALL!!!  It looks so much nicer in my head, but I tell you doing all that is there already was murder for me. Just UGH! Plus backgrounds are things I am only just starting to get into, so obviouly i'm not amazing with foliage or anything. ^-^ Just to be clear though this actual scene IS NOT in the chapter but it was inspired by it. This is just like perhaps at some point in time in between chapters she goes back and grabs some fruit.

Fun facts, the tree is based off a real apple tree ideal but all the other plants are from my brain. OH and the bushes there are the bushes from I believe, where they get the funky berries to eat. So there you have a visual if that helps at all, which it may not? 

And the reason her arm is so weird and straight is because the tree used to be COMPLETLY AND ENTIRLY DIFFERENT , so she would have been taking it from the leaves and such...but I was to lazy to change a completed arm, soo yeah! Yes YES and this is a new pose I have never done and I did not reference at all or even really erase much in the leg area AT ALL!!  It makes me happy.

My story, The Catalyst: Jade

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