Custom SM:AS Sprite Series 1

Posted Sep 15, 2009, 3:18:32 AM

A while ago back, I used to go do some custom sprites after seeing some amazing sprite artwork done in the style of Sailor Moon: Another Story Sprites. While I found inspiration in these custom sprites, I tried to do some of my own. Over the weeks, I began to get the hang of doing these sprites and eventually got better and better. During my run on DA, I used to be asked to do certain request featuring other people's characters, however unfortunately, DA saw to take down my custom sprite works. So I no longer did custom sprite working for other people but rather as a hobby instead now.

I'm posting these sprites here in an attempt to show off my custom sprites, and to perhaps even give them a new home. DA was extremely predjuidiced about custom Sailor Moon: Another Story styled sprites, but I am hoping that PaperDemon doesn't do the same. All I want to do is simply share the pleasure of people aweing at these wonderful sprites I put work into. I read the rules on PaperDemon's FaQ and there is nothing that regaurds a rule against custom sprite work, at least so far I believe.

Anyway, some of these characters were done as a means of giftart, so I will list each character down in appearance fashion and credit to their original creators.

Hope you all enjoy! Don't steal these sprites too!

Tia'ja, Clay, Tausha (Copyright Dahdtoudi)

Galia and Ko'tic (Copyright Scarlet-Moonlight)

Taki (Copyright Namco)

Rakai'Thwei and Akasha (Copyright to Me)

Hitomi (Copyright Tecmo)

Phil aka Myself (Copyright to Me)

Kasumi (Copyright Tecmo)

Red Ranger, Green Ranger (Formerly Saban, Copyright to Disney)

Sailor Ansatsuken (Copyright to Myself) 

Ryu (Copyright to Capcom)

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