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Posted Sep 18, 2005, 5:58:35 AM
This is a drawing i did in Flash of me (the bunny one) and Zironix. It's a bit of a mix between chibi style and hi hi puffy ami yumi. And just so's ya know it wasn't supposed to look so cheesy...just disregard the cheese. I'd love to know whatcha think of it. Even if you don't like it i had fun making it! oh, and i used Z's chibi art found on her website as reference cuz i couldnt remember what she looked like for a second or two.

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  • Sep 17, 2005
    Consider this favourited! Favorite
  • Jan 2, 2006
    I like it! Thumbs Up It looks like they are singing. They should have mics! It's good, and cheesiness is great too! ;)
    • Jan 2, 2006
      lol, thanks! id give us mics but if u heard me and Zironix singing ur ears might bleed. *singing* SPICY MARMALADE random string of japanese marmalade!