The Cullen Brothers

Posted Oct 9, 2009, 12:59:06 PM

Why yes, we have shiney penises! Welcome to our glowing cones of light!

I marked the line art as Mature since you see more fur in that than you do in this...




Seriously, it's just bare chests at this point after all the sparkle... They come equipped with their own bedazzlers!

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  • Oct 9, 2009
    I'm not actually a Twilight fan, but this is actually cracking me up like you wouldn't believe. XD This is fantastic, and their expressions are so perfect. I love the sparkle effects too -- you've done such a marvellous job, and your technique has such softness and solidness to it. You do a fantastic job.
    • Oct 9, 2009
      I couldn't resist... sparkly skin = twisted sense of humor. Smile