Posted Oct 28, 2009, 3:43:50 AM

Aaah this is kinda old, but I felt the need to update my paperdemon. Poor neglected art account..OTL

Anyway, this particular character has a history riddled with sexual abuse. This drawing is a message to stop it. It's running rampant in this day and age and it's a horrible thing. :c

Tegaki entry: http://www.unowen.net/tegaki/dblog.php?u=78514&e=770897

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  • Nov 2, 2009
    Ah- this looks very Andy Warhole- you could colour it in a similar way and it'd be VERY popart with the propaganda in the subject ^^
    • Nov 10, 2009
      Warhol! Oh, how I love his art. It's so uplifting to be compared to him ( even though I'm obviously no where near as artistically genius as the man! ).

      Thank you very much for such a sweet comment! ;v;
      • Nov 12, 2009
        XD I had a feeling that you were- I can see the influence in your art heavily Smile People see my influences in my art too.

        Keep it up thoguh. Pop art suits you I think. Have a try with some retro colour schemes and see if you can find something funky and loud to introduce. Maybe dab into the zoom in on tri colour printing they had in the old days for a dynamic.I think it'll look cool Smile




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