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Illst - Viper

Posted Mar 15, 2010, 12:36:27 PM

As Sckelg had said, the desert at night was much easier to travel through, they'd made good progress so far, the night still young as they said!
The Todd trotted along beside him, ears flickering this way and that in mild interest.
"So this is what a desert's liyek eh? Big huh?"
Sckelg said nothing, he'd learned that the Todd often asked things without expecting an answer, and to tell the truth, after being with him, he'd be sad to leave...but he tried not to think about that yet!

Trotting from clump of desert weeds to the next, they made good progress until the sun began to rise. They were wary but not overly so and perhaps it was this lack in judgement that was bad.

It was one particular clump of greenery they came across when suddenly there was a hiss and something long shot right past Sckelg's ears. It happened so fast he could barely keep tack of it, but it was something long, The Todd let out a yelp of surprise and jumped, Sckelg turning to see a scaly thin snake, recoil from its bite.
"Snake!" screamed his tiny Hare brain! He bolted off in a shot, The Todd running after in shock.

The pair ran blindly for a while then found the nearest hole, it smelled abandoned so Sckelg ran in, The Todd following.

For a moment they both lay there panting, hearts hammering.
"Didn't see that un eh?" panted the Todd with a wry barking laugh.
"Are you alright? Where did it get you?"
"Aww no use worryin abowet me, I'm a tough old bush tail is the Taedd." he barked again but it was a little wheezy.
"Lemme see!" insisted Sckelg pawing at the Todd's shoulder where a few small droplets of blood where. It got him just above the shoulder. "It's ok...I don't think it's very deep...maybe a scratch? Let me clean it."

The Todd sighed heavily and laid down on his side, Sckelg licking the wound to clean it.
"Ye're a good un Sckelg, far a human." he barked again. "All that's far me is a good owld wink o sleep riyet, then I'll be up an new as a young cub aye. Ye mark me words coney, there's nowt says the Taedd what can keep him down."

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  • Mar 16, 2010
    Awww it makes me sad. I don't think that Todd will be waking up any time soon.

    Awesome picture though! Its full of action the way the snake lashes out of the brush to bite Todd and how Sckelg and him are both taken by surprise.
    • Mar 17, 2010
      Aww thank you so much!
      Heheh well I couldn't leave him to die, he was too good a character Big Smile In the next pictures it tells what will happen :D I know I've gotten soft, a few years ago I might have left him for dead
  • Nov 24, 2010
    dam that snake had just pwned that fox good!
    • Apr 11, 2014
      Yep, I imagine he stepped on it...