Illst - Sentries

Posted Mar 17, 2010, 12:14:39 PM

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Sckelg followed Eva back to one of the furthest runs there, at the base of some rocks and tangled bushes.
A pair of hares were nibbling some dry grass nearby, two big fellows, looking up as they approached.
"What brings you here doe?"

"We need to see the Sun Hare."
"Oh?" commented the other, nibbling the grass nonchalantly. "Whatever for?"
"What business is it of yours?" snapped Sckelg.
The hare paused in his chewing and looked at him.
"You're a stranger here, so I'll let it pass." he said as if letting him off.
"We have to see him, someone's been poisoned." persisted Eva.
The hare continued eating.
"One of ours?"
Eva was taken a back.
"Well no—"
"Then leave, the Sun Hare needs his rest and cannot be disturbed."

"I'm not leaving!" said Sckelg. "I didn't come this far just to fail now! Get out of my way you pair of ingrates!"
He bolted for the hole but the two hare guards were quicker, blocking the way, one of them bowling him over with a good beating.
"Leave now stranger! Before I decide to use my claws on your sorry hide!"
Sckelg got back to his paws, ears flat and shaking with anger. If he was a human he'd flatten these fleabags!
"Come on Sckelg, let's just leave." said Eva turning, not wanting a confrontation.

"No, I told you, I didn't come this far for nothing! And I won't leave him to die either! I need that knowledge!"
He bounded forward again, one of the hare guards rising on his back paws to meet him in a boxing round. Claws were out now, scratching through fur, both hares grappling and using back feet to scratch underbellies and legs.
The other hare guard was not content to watch though, he leapt in too and bowled Sckelg off the other hare, scratching his ears and ripping them with his teeth.
"Cheating bastard!" raged Sckelg limping back. "I'll blind you for that!"

He leapt at the hare's throat, using his claws to get at his eyes and toppling him backwards. The animal let out a shrill squeal of shock and they scrabbled again, Sckelg managing to get his teeth in and bite a chunk of his opponent's leg before the hare got away and bolted, Sckelg taking chase, now determined to tear his sorry hide to pieces.

They raced about the rocks, darting this way and that, Sckelg catching the other a few times and laying a few hits on him before he got away again, his comrade racing in to help as well.
Back and forth they went in chaos before something fell from the sky in a shadow of black and rustle of feathers.

Sckelg had been close to leaping on the accursed hare, when right before him the feathers fell from the sky, the hare let out an awful scream, claws scraping the ground before they were gone, and so was the hare.
In a second of fright Sckelg turned tail and ran for cover, hiding there until his heart stopped beating fast and he was able to realise what had happened.

Bleeding and scratched, he crawled out of cover as Eva and the other hare guard did also.
"Bitzer's gone!" panted the remaining guard looking at the sky, a gash down his throat from Sckelg's claws.
"Aye, and I almost had him too!" spat Sckelg.
"Why you—"
The hare tensed to run at him...

The guard paused and turned to the tunnel entrance where the voice had come.
"Who is that Dart?" the voice drifted up from the cool depths.
Dart kept his gaze on Sckelg, then turned back to the burrow and vanished down it.
Sckelg and Eva both went to the burrow entrance, ears pricked as they picked up bits of conversation far off in the burrow.
Shortly Dart's head popped up from the burrow.
"The Sun Hare will see you." he said.

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  • Mar 17, 2010
    Great illustration! It perfectly captures the action.

    The blood looks rather pink, though. Looks like a raspberry juice, not good. But it might be a scanning problem - some tuning in graphic program could remedy it.

    Otherwise it's a professionally looking piece. Well done!
    • Mar 18, 2010
      Thanks! Oh no no I did that on purpose, I added it as an afterthought but then regretted it so didn't continue to add more Big Smile I thought I'd leave it at that because I didn't want to try to cover it, or over-gore it Big Smile
      • Mar 21, 2010
        Well, that happens. Smile It's unimportant, anyway, I pointed it out just because I wanted to be constructive (read: "picky" ;D )
  • Mar 18, 2010
    I like this. It makes me think of how Watership Down would have turned out if Tad Williams had written it first.
    • Mar 18, 2010
      Thanks so much!
  • Mar 18, 2010
    Very cool illustration! That is one nasty scrap!

    I'm glad Todd's not dead!Corky SmileHeartHeart Well yet anyway!
    • Mar 21, 2010
      Thank you so much!