Illst - Following the Sun Hare

Posted Mar 21, 2010, 11:19:51 AM

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A wet nose nudged Sckelg awake, meaty breath gusting at him in a sickening manner.
"Ugh!" he had to fight the urge not to vomit.
"Hahaha sorry meyat, a Taedd's gotta eat!"
Sckelg instantly sat up, worried he'd eaten Eva! How was The Todd to know she was a friend! He needn't have worried, she was squashed in the corner in fright...thankfully still in one piece.

The Todd on the other hand, was as feisty as ever, grinning in that foxy way of his.
"I dunno how ta thank ye far savin me." he said.
" think nothing of it, after all, you saved me a whole bunch of times." said Sckelg scratching an ear, it seemed that along his adventures he'd gathered some flea-ish friends.
The Todd barked and stretched.
"Ye're a good friend Coney, good to an old dag like me." he squeezed out of the burrow shaking out his fur to dislodge the sand and shake up old bones, which cracked at the joints. "Ahhhh! Air the owld bones heh heee, I feel liyek a young un again! I dunno what ye gave me meyat, but it's done me the world o good."

Sckelg nodded, only happy his old friend was back again, for a moment he'd been worried about it—wait a minute! Why was he thinking this way? Worried? About an old friend? As a human he had never worried about anyone else, he shuddered, was he going soft?
It took some coaxing, but eventually Eva emerged after them, realising the Todd wasn't going to eat her.

"So how's it go now?" asked the Todd.
"Well...I was sure the Sun Hare was going to help us or something." said Sckelg looking about.
He suddenly spotted a light, low at ground level, it emerged from the burrow some distance away and shot like a grounded star across the horizon.
"There! It's him!"
"But Sckelg—!"
"Come on!"

He raced after the light, tearing across the desert as it flashed ahead of them, illuminating the darkness and making everything else black and inky.
"How old be this hare friend o yars?" panted the Todd, legs creaking as he ran.
"He's thousands of years old." replied Sckelg, the feeling of running was exhilarating, he hadn't done it in so long! Now with nothing to stop him he could run full speed across the empty desert.
"Cripes!" barked the Todd. "I wanna know what his secret is, mebbe he can share it wi an owld brush."

Surprisingly, running after the bobbing tail of the Sun Hare took no energy from them at all, it was as if the distance passed by in a blink of time, like their strides covered countless miles in one leap. It must have been the Sun Hare's doing, it was how he travelled across the world so fast. The next thing they saw was the light vanishing off across the horizon, before it was gone.

Sckelg came to a halt in the dirt, looking around.
"Where'd he go?"
"I think this is it." said Eva looking up.
True enough, in the high darkness ahead of them, rose a great mud wall.l.

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  • Mar 27, 2010
    Beautiful linework, and I love the way you've done the colors!
    • May 2, 2010
      Aww thanks so much! I'm glad it came out sort of how I wanted