MQ: Gone Away - Sha

Posted Apr 20, 2010, 3:52:50 AM UTC

Sha Agate for the theme set which my brothers and I did for the song, 'Gone Away' by The Offspring, which ended being the basis for the site layout of the homepage for Magicus Quest. Like the other paintings in this theme set, there was a little shadow play here; notice two hands reaching out, one belongs to Sha and the other is... perhaps supernatural?

I had fun designing this outfit for Sha; she's actually worn this one before this sketch was done and I added onto the design with giving Sha a black widow's veil. You cannot tell here due to the shadows and darkness of the picture, but the rose atop the veil is a white rose faintly stained with old blood. Beneath the veil, Sha is wearing raccoon makeup and has blue lips, although no other facepaint. On the homepage for MQ, Sha is shown to be reaching her hand out to her brother, Robert, whom is out in the graveyard while Sha and Harvey are within a crypt.

~Al 'Pris' Holmes

Sha and Robert Agate, and Harvey Johnson are from Magicus Quest, an online Gothic Fantasy graphic novel by Celestial Time Miracles Studios.

Gone Away is by The Offspring, and was the inspiration for this theme set.

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