Posted Apr 29, 2010, 11:07:32 AM

It was going to just be a pencil sketch because I was afraid to ruin it! Admittedly it looked ok until I scanned it and then it was messy and ikky so the background was an issue...anyway, I guess its ok now hahaha.

Another troublesome character to draw: Zantair my Shifter.

Everything about him is an illusion so you can bet he's good at them. Are they bird, bats, or butterflies? Or maybe a mixture of all three!
And no his eyes aren't red, they're meant to be pink.
Also no those aren't jeans, they're meant to be black but alas I used my "Cool greys" that look blue

Also I think my Yoken markers smell funny and may have effected my brain last night  I had some weird dreams after prolonged exposure! *staggers about*

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