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KakaIru gothic pets

Posted May 25, 2010, 4:54:00 PM

This is my entry for Kiterie's contest. My theme is KakaIru, pets, gothic and whirlpool.

I was very pleased with the pic with the two of them but now that I got all the pets and bg I don't like it anymore, it's too much crowded _._,,,

I totally failed at drawing dogs as well. And while I did draw everyone of them by hand and color them in the computer, I used the pose for some of them (like Shiba, Uuhei and Urushi) from random screencaps of the anime and anime official pics (don't make me look for them, just google them as 'Kakashi dogs' on images...).

The whirlpool concept is a total fail as well. Blame myself and my lack of imagination XD.

RED, yeah, I know, I like red and gothic, I think they go well ^^-

Anyway, this is it people. I wish I would have draw them hugging or something, they seem very detached sitting like that, but I didn't have the time I'm afraid. Next pic about them is gonna be more lover like, I promise ^^!

So eh... I think it looks cute. But since I failed in so many concepts for the contest I don't think I have a chance XD. Other than that, I have fun drawing this and I still think it looks nice enough for other people to apreciate it ^^- me?... give me time XD.

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  • Jan 30, 2011
    I like it.. *nods* You`ve got alot of details in it..And all the dogs!! YAY!

  • May 26, 2010
    I'm not sure why you think it fails so much. I think you're being a bit over critical. I can give ideas on how to make it better, but right now I think it passes the test of being interesting, the composition is good and the levels are variant so to me, it's passed the most important test Smile Perhaps less pets may've been more, but that's ok. It's like a family portrait right? The one you catch 10 seconds before the one where everyone is forcing themselves to get along and look family like?I think you should focus on the positive points about the picture Smile IT has alot happening which is character in it's own right ^^
    • May 26, 2010
      I'm always bad at my own artwork in the beginning basically because I pictured different on my mind and the result always dissapoint me.
      But it's nice that you lke it enough to defend it, make me like it a little more ^^.
      Thanks for the comment.