Chain of Love2

Posted Jun 5, 2010, 5:04:39 AM

This is a little doodle i did based off a scene from the lovely fanfic, Chain of Love by Chie on Dokuga.

I did a few facials doodles of Kagome in my new style! I don't LOVE all of them but they are nice I think. Then i did some chibi's of the faces. However for Kags look of how i pictured her the first time she was done up by Sesshy's people, i was too lazy to do a design on the kimono XP I had been considering doing something but nothing happened cause i is a bum. Ehe.

Then i did a chibi of her in a random yukata that she may have worn while traveling with Sesshy after visiting his palace. And for some odd reason i drew a little SesshouFly as i call him...cause i was to lazy again to draw a Sesshy chibi, so he became a fly.

Anyways, some little doodles that kinda show of my current style too ^-^ I hope you like them Chie!!

And they are all sketchy so you can still see some of the lines were the head shape or eye lining was done XP

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