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Posted Sep 28, 2005, 2:15:58 AM
Just a quick sketch of cute lil Naruto I did. My pose and everything. So do not steal please. ^^

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  • Sep 27, 2005
    Oh, I would never!! I totally LOVE your art, but it's yours! ^_^ I like it being yours too. ^_^ You did a great job! The pose is really cute! For some reason he reminds me of my cat looking like that! XD
    • Sep 27, 2005
      I know you wouldn't. It was just directed at all the art thieves. ^^
      • Sep 28, 2005
        I totally understand. Art theves seem to like to take your art a lot. T_T
  • Oct 1, 2005
    oh! Naruto is soo cute!