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Posted Jun 30, 2010, 7:30:32 PM

     I decided that my "Little Prince" drawing was too plain and boring. So, I came up with this. The story is the same: Lord Sesshoumaru was the prince of a powerful kingdom, otherwise known as the Western Region. But he didn't like being treated like a precious little flower and followed constantly by guards, so one night he decided to run away, bringing shame and dishonour to his Great Father. His Father was enraged and set out himself to bring the young boy back. Once found, Sesshoumaru was beaten and locked up in a cage outside the palace grounds for weeks. His Father was cruel to him, hence why Sesshoumaru wanted to be powerful so he could kill his Father.

Miya-Sama = Prince, princess in Japanese (I know what Hime means, so keep it to yourself. There is more than one word for prince or princess in Japanese.)

Update: From recieving a comment suggesting that I darken the facial shadows, I decided to take up the offer. The changes made will hopefully make this drawing more enjoyable to look at! :)

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  • Jul 2, 2010
    Strong design! I just wish he had some strong shadows on his face-
    I like your colors & patterns!
    • Jul 4, 2010
      Thank you! Yes, I see what you mean. On the program, the facial shadows are just fine. But when I posted the drawing the shadows were lighter than they originally were. I'll take it and darken the shadows around his face.

      Thank you for the helpful critique! I really appreciate it.