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Posted Jul 12, 2010, 9:59:22 AM

Completion Date: 05-19-10
Time Taken: 6 hours
+ Sketched in Opencanvas 1.1
+ Color and watermark added in Photoshop CS2
+ Don't Stop Dancing - Kaskade & EDX feat. Haley
+ Stereo Love - Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina
+ Only You - Kaskade & Tiësto feat. Haley
+ Dreaming Still (OC Remix) - Chrono Cross - Pixietricks

Drew this for myself as a birthday present (birthday was yesterday on the 18th). It sucked hardcore, not even going to get into it.
I couldn't even get myself to draw anything until late that night, and came up with this. I hadn't drawn Ban in a while and I figured I try something of her in blacklight.

After seeing Cryth's picture - [link] which is totally awesome, I had an idea of how I wanted to approach this. For once I don't have to feel bad about screechingly bright colors, its blacklight! Ban's outfit is inspired by the Chrono Cross song "Star Stealing Girl" which is remixed and listed up there in my music. I blame Co for all the stars on her too, she drew Ban awhile back with stars all over her body. I think most of all out of the whole piece I love her neon fishnet, unf.

Happy Belates Birthday me, you still suck at life but here's to another year~

Artwork, Ban © 2010 P. Lolla (~souls-poison)
Do not use without permission. Artwork and character copyright P. Lolla (~souls-poison); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.

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