Ivory Love - Leather and Lace

Posted Jul 12, 2010, 7:14:26 PM

Here is part of where all of my spare time is going lately.  I. Just. Can't. Stop. Making these!  This particular corset sold recently on Etsy. (Sarlume's shop) ^_^

I bought a sewing machine for $20 at a pawn shop about two years ago and sat in front of it.  Now I've gone and gotten myself captured by the Muse in corset and ballgown construction.  Heh...^^;

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  • Aug 12, 2010
    So lovely, I couldn't get my eyes of it!
    (But, in fact, I could imagine why you can't stop making these little treasures, they are totally adorable...)

    My fingers simply want to touch it - all those beautiful details. I am totally untalented when it comes to sewing machines but I hope that this will change someday.
    Until that glorious day I'd rather look at pictures (like yours) of those who can deal with the sewing machine! ^.~
  • Jul 19, 2010
    wow its really beautiful.