Yullen Sterotype

Posted Aug 8, 2010, 5:54:23 AM

This is a slight personification (truing objects or creators into people) in the since it reminds my friend of her two pets a Asian wolf hound and a white hair form Belgium (hes got this cute Grey tuff of hair his chest thou)

Anyhow the story is its May-chan's b-day in a few weeks and I will not be able to attend as I have cretin appointments that I can't miss on that day so I promised her two things ONE: a fic for shark-week that is a Paperdemon only thing due to its unique content, and Two a request of her choice and I'm happy to say she has helped me torture my brush pen to death.

Her request as you can see is a Yullen one thou I must admit I think Kanda looks a bit odd. must be because I screwed up his hair and curse-mark some, oops. well none the less a stereotypical "wolf eats bunny" yullen enjoy.

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