Posted Aug 13, 2010, 11:48:50 PM UTC

My Decepticon pretty baby... Nightstriker. 

This was done by mouse in MS Paint.... yeah... my hand is dead.

No it was not my intention to give him Prowl's color scheme... IT JUST HAPPENED.... And it looked better than the purple and green I had him in. Anyway... ONWARD.


  • Former Autobot, he now answers to Megatron.... when he can be found
  • Seeker
  • Triple Changer
  • Alt Modes: Jet - F117 Wobbly Widget, Car - Dodge Viper
  • Weapon: Electricity. He can channel it through his body to any outward mass or hold to himself as a shield.
  • Rank: Warrior/Merc and Medic 


Transformers are not mine, but Nightstriker is. So please back off.

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