Go West

Posted Aug 16, 2010, 11:25:07 PM

"It is time you trusted the Eyes of your Heart."
"See what it is you need now and what you should believe in."

Dedicated to Elise Kallenbach - Every once in a while Sanzo needs Hakkai to slam a pot of coffee down in front of him and let him know that his snark isn't helping the situation any. X3

"Go West" - who undertakes such a journey? A fool, an adventurer, a dedicated practioner? This isn't a field trip or an outing to the park; despite the popular mythology, there is no Shangri-La in the West. The West is the home of the setting sun; it is the land of death, shadows and dreams. It's the realm of introspection and the soul. A careless traveler might lose hir self in the West.

The American culture is infused with people who journeyed West for a new life. Our history is in these voyages and our present is in bringing the West to the rest of the world. Where does that leave our future? What happens to the world when the sun sets in the West and there is no East in which it can rise again?

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