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Sechs (AR-6) confusion to rage

Posted Oct 6, 2005, 3:39:46 AM
AR-6 or "Sechs" is an android from Battle Angel Alita or Gunnm who started out "life" in a female body and after having that body destroyed in battle decided to have a male body for a new one.
Although it fits because as a female she was rather manly. And now I love Sechs! Is that weird? (Seriously if you saw the male and female version the differences are vague- height and build of course, but the hair and eyes are the same- the lips are thinner and more many. maybe i'll draw the old Sechs if I can find a pic to compare them it's really interesting I think! obviously since I've been blabbing about him for like 10 minutes now... is anyone still reading this?
If anyone is the refrence is from the manga. Sechs just got knocked out in a fight and is having a dream of sorts and the result is- well check the title.. :D

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  • Jan 22, 2006
    I love the emotion you put on this one,she/he Grin looks deeply...outraged. I feel the emotions litteraly, with all the angry lines, nice touch!!!Smile
    • Jan 24, 2006
      why thank you! although I must say I was looking at the manga when I drew this- totally cheated- thats right, hehe. Eh I have to sometimes to get used to drawing them like those Inu Yasha one's I did. Big Smile
      • Jan 25, 2006
        Ah, well, i do that too to get the hang of the caracter. I dunno how many sailor moon faces i draw before drawing her without visual aid. Its not cheating, its learning! ;)
        • Jan 26, 2006
          yeah, that's the way I see it, besides I mentioned that I looked at the original for all of those (at least I hope I did)
  • Jul 5, 2006
    Really awesome! I like the detail in the facial expression. Its kinda funny ^_^
  • Sep 11, 2006
    AH! One of my favorite characters from one of my favorite comics!
    This sketch is all too awesome! I love it! Favorite
    • Sep 16, 2006
      you like him too?? Yay!! It seems like no one else here knows about Battle Angel.. it's sooo cool tho!! Thanks again! Big Smile
      • Sep 23, 2006
        I have to admit, I got into it by watching the anime first.
        Then i got into the original manga.
        His newer style makes me cream my pants.
        As crude as that description is, it's the closest thing I can compare to my love of his style.