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Sechs (AR-6) Maddening Grin

Posted Oct 6, 2005, 3:49:55 AM
for being an andriod this guy seems a tad unbalanced, as judging by this pic which shows his typical expression (especially while fighting and slaughtering any and all in his path).
the artist even gives him sharp ass teeth like a shark or something- and yellow eyes like Inu Yasha! he's like the perfect mix between Inu Yasha and Vegeta he's right in between them I swear! maybe that's why I like him so much! Vegeta is too quiet and anti-social and Inu Yasha is too nice! But I love them anyway!!
Sechs is like smack dab in between them- mean and vicious and doesn't give a shit, but can converse with out people with no problem and just doesn't give a toss about anything!! ahh.. Sechs is soo cool!

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  • Oct 7, 2005
    Ahhh! I love your sketches...keep 'em coming!
    I love the blue you have going in this; although this doesn't have depth to it, the blue adds that little bit that makes it pop. And of course, this is a quality sketch, so you can't really go wrong! Now, what show is this chap from? he sounds so interesting...Big Smile
    • Oct 9, 2005
      This is a guy from Battle Angel Alita, or Gunnm. He used to have a female body too! but after it got destroyed in battle he decided to get a man's body (they're either androids, humans or cyborgs in the anime) and he was kinda many as a girl so it worked out nice I think.

      Anyway he was #6 out of 12 replicas of one female cyborg, and he killed a bunch of the other replicas and took on the original (that was when his femal body was destroyed) anyway, battle angel alita last order is when this all happens. there battle angel and then last order. it animated too though i'm not sure about last order as it's still tnot completed as far asd I know.

      Oh and the blue was just a rough outline so I didn't screw up his head.

      Thanks again for the FB! Grin