Transmuted Edward Stance

Posted Oct 7, 2005, 2:18:31 AM
This is just a Lil something I did for Kristy(Lady Anime79)as she has done so many drawings for me, and I've done none in return >_< Plus, she requested me doing a Full Metal Alchemist picture, and I chose this one to do =) I hope you like it Kristy, tis all for you! XD. The one thing I'm ticked at is on the area of his chest, for some reason, the ink pen decided to not dry like normal, and I colored and the ink spread -_- BAH. Other than that, and the CrAzY Greys in this, I like how he came out ^_^.
Here's the reference of which this came from to compare =)
Done with Crayola colored pencils, an aggravating ball point pen,0.5mm mechanical pencil, and wooden ruler.

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  • Dec 4, 2006
    I've moved this from the Fanart gallery to the FullMetal Alchemist gallery. Smile
  • Nov 15, 2005
    This is great Edward is so cool..awesome drawing..Keep them coming
    • Nov 18, 2005
      Thankyou very much Corky Smile The coloring was a pain in the butt with the Arm's grey, but ah well, Ed's still as good as ever hehe. Thanks for the comment ^_^
  • Oct 7, 2005
    I like the colores you used, they'r really pleasant for the eye. It's a nice pic and really neatly done. However, I think you haven't caught the foreshortening of the hands exactly. The left arm stands out especially. But hey, it's hard even for me sometimes. I usually draw guidelines to help me. I did love his hair and eyes though and nice job on his weapon my dear.Wink
    "No more darker than the night, no more mystery in sight. One day he was simply gone and who knows if he'll return."
    • Oct 7, 2005
      Yeah, those wretched evil hands! I spent fifty zillion trials of trying to shape that right, it is just such a weird pose to show the hand in, because he's sort of highlighting the blade with his hand, but it's also a stance it's in, and slightly showing the underside of his hand O.O CrAzY I tell ya, CrAzY Laughing And yup, I'm most proud of the blade, as that took a couple tries at lining it correctly with the ruler to get lined with his arm as well, plus I had to be able to fit this on piece of drawing pad paper >_< lol. Thanks for commenting ^_^
      • Oct 8, 2005
        Got you there. It really is a pain to ink that stuff because you can't erase the lines ha? That's how it is to me. Hmm... maybe you should do some live drawing to practice for such poses, I think it would be easier dat way for you. Anyhow,keep up the good job.^_~
  • Oct 6, 2005
    Ooooooo... He looks awesome. I think you got This short, but still quite hunky, Elric down pat. Wacko Congrats on such a cool drawing!!
    • Oct 7, 2005
      Ah, thanks so much, and yup, Ed is always gonna look hunkish/cool hehe, can't change that, nor do I want to change it XD lol. Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment as always Corky Smile
  • Oct 6, 2005
    You know what hun? I honestly don't see where you had a mess up on the chest. If you did have one, you covered it very nicele. Everything about this picture is wonderful Chris. His hand looks wonderful! And that blade/arm of his is just! I love how you made it look so shiny! You must tech me the trick. That is my biggest problem with weapons. I almost cannot make them shiny enough. Doh His eyes look right on hun. And I am so very grateful that you (finally <---- guilt trip) drew him for me. ^^ Your skills are developing at such a quick rate my dear. You should be so very proud of yourself. I know I am proud of you. And again, thank you so very much for the wonderful picture. Good things always come to those who wait. Wink All my love.
    • Oct 7, 2005
      LMAO, yeah, it's hard to see the little splurge that's left from the ink, but it's there, a tiny dot on this. But there was more in those grey areas, which is why I did a dark grey there on the shadows of his chest,AND made his skin darker there as well >< took some erasing n shtuff, but for the most part, it went away XD. Hehe, not much to making things shiny, just leaving them white, with SOME color seperation from the items TRUE color in-between, helps to bring it out is all, and not just a STRAIGHT line of shine, but make it have the shape of something alive almost XD. I'm glad you like it hehe. ^_^ Makes meh happies!. And yes, good things come to those who wait, and you've been very patient for it, thankyou yourself ^_^ Love you!!




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