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Sweets for my Sweet

Posted Jan 3, 2011, 7:37:44 AM

Yûko: Enjoy your sweets, but the first one to drop chocolate on my exclusive Chanel dress has to work for me the next 1000 years.
Sakura: Me too? *embodied cuteness*
Shaolan: Hmpffll...
Fye: Come on, just one spoon, you'll be delighted!
Kurogane: TA-BE-NAIII!!


It's quite rare that I can draw fanart, but one morning I woke up with this image in my head, so I guess it had to be. :)
Do you know the manga "Wish"? I imagined Kurogane, Sakura and Shaolan to be victims of that "shrinking potion" mentioned in the extra at the end, I mean, it stays in the CLAMP family then. ;)

Copic multiliner 0.05/0.3/1.0mm, Copic Ciao markers, Faber Castel Classic Colour pencils, Pentel Hybrid Grip (white)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/xXx holic © CLAMP

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  • Jan 3, 2011
    Oh- you use multiliners too? Aren't they the BEST ink pen ever? <3 You know, they go down to .03mm. It's like... drawing with a NEEDLE. It's epic. I was shown a 0.01mm one also and I nearly died. I need to find it cause somethings I've found the 0.03 too wide for.
    • Jan 3, 2011
      They really are! And there are SO many colours available now! (*___*) I have the 0.03 now, too, but 0.01?! I'd not be able to see the tip I'm afraid! *lol* That's awesome! ROFL
      • Jan 3, 2011
        I donno Sad I wonder if they don't stock them. I know my normal supplier doesn't stock 0.03s any more. I hope copic hasn't taken them off the market like my supplier says they have :(
        • Jan 3, 2011
          I don't know if it's always been that way as I used to buy mine in Japan (and the Japanese site still says they have them), but in Europe there also don't seem to be any... zut!! (>.<)
          • Jan 3, 2011
            I'm in nz, and we have most of the Multiliner range, but I have to get the 0.03 from Australia. Donno why. One supplier has them and another doesn't >.> The stock is pretty limited though T.T We don't have Sketch or Ciao here